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  • 4 reasons to upgrade your CVT Transmission Pan

    4 reasons to upgrade your CVT Transmission Pan

    Upgrading your CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) pan to a 6061 aluminum option brings several compelling advantages that go beyond basic functionality. Here are four key reasons to consider this upgrade:...

    Patrick Anderson |

  • Lift Your Prius!?

    Lift Your Prius!?

    4 Reasons Why Installing A Toyota Prius Lift Kit Is A Good Idea Are you looking to raise your Prius driving experience—literally? At ADF, we often receive questions about lift...

    Gabriel Burton |


    Camber can be off due to several reasons: You bought a cheap lift kit off of eBay that doesn't have any camber or caster offsets built into the spacers. Suspension...

    Patrick Anderson |

  • ADF Subaru Strut spacers vs Lower lift brackets. Subaru Lift kit, Offroad adventure

    Strut Top Lift Spacers VS Lower Lift Brackets

    What is the difference between Strut top spacers and lower lift brackets? We get this question a lot, so we will take some time and explain the differences between these...

    Patrick Anderson |



    08 Forester Sports X MT Lifted and ready for any adventure ahead!   @Forestersport Modification List 2” ADF Lift Kit W/ Trailing arm Spacers ADF Front Sway Bar Relocation Brackets Lifted, Rear Lateral...

    Patrick Anderson |

  • 2003 Subaru Forester Monster

    2003 Subaru Forester Monster

    Suspension 6" Long travel Coil overs 10" front, 12" rear Travel Dual Spring rates 4" Subframe spacers Trailing arm spacers are relocated 7" further up the body to allow for...

    Patrick Anderson |

  • Subaru Torque Specs Values

    Number Torqs BOLT SIZE TORQUE SPECS Front Upper Strut Hats Nuts 3 M8 14.5 FT.LBS Front Upper Strut Hats Nuts 3 M10 22 FT/lbs Center Strut hat Mounting Toque 1 M10...

    Patrick Anderson |

  • 4EAT Subaru Center Diff Lock

    Subaru Forester R160 Torq Locker with VTD Center differential Controller demonstration There are 2 types of center differential on the 4EAT's. VTD (variable torque distribution) which is a mechanical based center...

    Patrick Anderson |

  • Lifted 1990 Loyale Build

    Lifted 1990 Loyale Build

    Jason Perkins @six_star_auto 1990 Loyale ADF 6" strut blocks King springs High compression EJ engine swap 5spd dual range swap Rear disc brake swap Custom front tube bumper Superwinch HTI...

    Patrick Anderson |

  • Bringing back a new life to the iconic Subaru Brat, Jason Osborne

    Bringing back a new life to the iconic Subaru Brat, Jason Osborne

    Build Bio@iluvdrt_Oz82 Brat86 dual range96 EJ22Full LED conversion6 lug wheel conversionCustom driveshaftSway away custom torsion barsBar pin rear shock eliminatorBilstein 5100 rear shocks24" limiting strapsGL dash swapBilstein 54mm 8" UMS...

    Patrick Anderson |