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Terms and Conditions



All parts fabricated and sold by Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF) are designed and fabricated  with the purpose of increasing off road performance of your vehicle. Due to the nature of off-roading, and its variances in conditions and use can be foreseen and therefore the safety of any person associated with use of my products is out of my control and I cannot be held liable for said events or any vehicle or product failures due to unforeseen events or improper use or abuse when using products manufactured or sold by Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF). Modification to any vehicle by installing parts manufactured by Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF) could alter vehicle’s on-road performance in the event of a crash, resulting in bodily harm or property damage. In purchasing any products from Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF), the purchaser hereby assumes full responsibility in any property damage or personal injury that may occur while using products manufactured and sold by Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF). Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF) will not take responsibility for personal injury or property damage arising from failure of parts manufactured or sold by Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF).


In buying products manufactured or sold by Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF), Purchaser agrees not to reproduce, reverse engineer, duplicate, or manufacture any Company Products. Purchaser also agrees to not engage in any action that would result in the application of Products for resell or manufacture by a Dealer or any other organization, company, person, etc. Purchaser may not use any Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF) products for the purpose of redesign for an alternative or substitute product. Purchaser agrees not to engage in any practice that would involve compromising Company market share or customer base due to redistribution, redesign, re-engineering, manufacturing, etc. of any Company products. Purchaser agrees to not provide any knowledge whatsoever to competitors, companies, and individuals within or outside of the manufacturing industry; All information regarding products should be held as trade secrets. Purchaser of product is held accountable and punishable by law for any product ideas, photos, dimensions, etc. that are shared with competitors or individuals, etc in an effort to re-create, resell, redistribute, or redesign products.



It is the mission of Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF) to produce high quality off-road parts, and maintain a complete customer satisfaction for every product we sell. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your product within 30 days of receival, Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF) will accept returns on products and refund the original purchase price minus shipping fees and 15% of the original purchase price as a restocking fee (unless otherwise specified.) Orders must reach us within the 30 days be begin processing. Orders which have been returned but are in complete and missing parts will not receive a refund until all parts are returned. If returned orders are returned in damaged condition (IE powder coating damaged) order will also be subtracted at cost for re coating.



We ship all products USPS Priority or UPS Standard, in the USA standard shipping time is 2-3 days holidays depending. If order is returned to sender due to incorrect address or not picked up. Customer will pay shipping charges to re ship the package. 

Claims for missing packages much be filed within 60 days of carrier missed delivery. Tracking is available for 120day, after which we are no longer liable for the package.  



All canceled orders prior to completion are subject to 5% cancellation fee. Order Cancelations can take up to 5-10 business days to process. 

International Cancelations

Are subject to current currency rate exchange and 10% cancelation fee. Order Cancelations can take up to 5-10 business days to process.


All customs and taxes are responsible by the purchaser.   


All parts fabricated by Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF) holds a lifetime warranty against unprovoked parts failure with proof of original purchase. Parts that have been modified from original shipping condition are no longer covered under our warranty, unless otherwise specified by Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF). This does not include hardware. Skid plates are not included in this. 

Warranty applies to original purchaser only, and does not include any shipping fees incurred. We will request you to send us your defected part, Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF) will replace the part with an exact duplicate and or updated version, within a reasonable time frame. Hardware (bolts/nuts) provided have no warranty.  



Take note some of our kits have a lead time. 2-3 weeks is standard for most steel kits, more for larger. In stock parts typically ship within 1-2 days. Lead times do not includes holidays or weekends. Please note not all lead times can be met due to manufacturing process of these products. Purchaser agrees to accept the terms of longer lead times if necessary.



All refunds will be returned to original  method of payment (Credit/Debit or Paypal) After return has been received, allow 5-10 business days for processing and then the time it takes you clear your bank.



ADF is not responsible for any damages or bodily harm caused by any product or product installation. By agreeing to these terms you agree to all the terms laid out in this agreement.



Oregon does not require sales tax. Some states require sales tax regardless of this, If the purchaser is from a state that requires sales tax, purchaser is responsible for paying there own sales taxes to there own state.   

Product Quotations 

Quotes are good for 7 days, after which are subject to change. 


Do not purchase or install any part manufactured or sold by Anderson Design & Fabrication (ADF)  if you do not agree with above terms, and/or that you do not feel competent in installing and using safely and correctly. Improper installation or manufacturing procedures of DIY components can lead to personal injury or death, or property damage; a qualified professional should install all products and only skilled individuals should complete all DIY parts.


Thank you for understanding that my products are a run at your own risk!