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Patrick Anderson |

Camber can be off due to several reasons:

  1. You bought a cheap lift kit off of eBay that doesn't have any camber or caster offsets built into the spacers.

  2. Suspension hasn't settled down after installing the lift kit. The vehicle needs to move around to allow it to settle in.

  3. The orientation of the strut spacers may be incorrect. The "L" and "R" marks on the strut spacer should be located on the forward-facing studs in the vehicle; "L" is for the driver's side, and "R" is for the passenger's side.

  4. An alignment is necessary, as recommended after installing the lift kit.

  5. If the alignment shop states they can't align it, go back to step one.

  6. If all steps check out and still a bad alignment, it's possible that your alignment shop is not competent. Consider finding another alignment shop for a proper job.

  7. Always ensure you receive an alignment sheet. If the before and after camber adjustments are the same or very minimally different, they most likely didn't touch the camber bolts and might be attempting to upsell you on unnecessary camber bolts, as you already have them from the factory.

  8. If all of these don't help, bent or worn-out bushings could be the last thing causing this issue.


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