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About Us


Subarus have become one of the most popular SUVs worldwide, renowned for their compact size, fuel efficiency, and a unique feature that sets them apart: True All-Wheel Drive. These vehicles are already among the most capable on the road, and here at ADF (Anderson Design & Fabrication), we're committed to enhancing that capability even further. By lifting a Subaru, we increase your ride height and overall clearance, making it even more adept for off-road adventures.

At Anderson Design & Fabrication, we specialize in designing and fabricating Subaru lift kits and accessories, enabling you to unlock the full off-road potential of your vehicle. Based in Estacada, Oregon, our small business is backed by extensive expertise in Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Architecture, and Machining, with a special focus on Subaru mechanics. We pride ourselves on our willingness to innovate, creating new products that we're excited to share with the world!