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About Us

Subarus have become one of the most popular SUVs around the world. Smaller more compact more fuel efficient, and something no other company has equipped there vehicles with. True all Wheel Drive! Subaru's are one of the most capable vehicles on the road. At ADF we are here to make them even more capable, giving you the ability to do things people don't think you can do. Lifting a Subaru increases your ride height, over all clearance and makes it that much more capable off road!


Here at Anderson Design & Fabrication we design and fabricate Subaru lift kits and accessories to allow you to get the maximum potential out of your off-road Subaru! We are a small business located in Estacada, Oregon! We have a strong background in Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Architecture and Machining with a focus of Subaru mechanics. We are not afraid to build something new and show it off to the world!