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Subaru Torque Specs Values

Front Upper Strut Hats Nuts 3 M8 14.5 FT.LBS
Front Upper Strut Hats Nuts 3 M10 22 FT/lbs
Center Strut hat Mounting Toque 1 M10 41 ft-lb
Lower (2) Strut Mount at Knuckle 2 M14 129 lb-ft
Rear Strut Hats Nuts 3 M8 14.5 FT.LBS
Rear Lower Strut Mounts  2 M14 162 FT.LBS
Multi link Suspension Rear 
Rear Upper Strut hat Mounting Nuts 2 M10 22 Ft/Lbs
Rear Lower Strut Mounting 1 M12 59 Ft.Lbs
Rear Main Subframe bolts  4 M14 106.9 Ft/Lbs
Forward Support arm Bolts  4 M14 30 Ft/Lbs

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  • David B

    What are the torque specs on the 3/4’’ carrier bearing spacer bolts? I thought I had read this somewhere but can’t find it.

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