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4 reasons to upgrade your CVT Transmission Pan

4 reasons to upgrade your CVT Transmission Pan

Patrick Anderson |

Upgrading your CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) pan to a 6061 aluminum option brings several compelling advantages that go beyond basic functionality. Here are four key reasons to consider this upgrade:

1. Superior Heat Dissipation

    The first and foremost reason is the unmatched heat management capability of 6061 aluminum. With a thermal conductivity of roughly 175 W/m·K, it significantly outperforms steel, which has a thermal conductivity of about 55 W/m·K. When you factor in the larger surface area of 306 in² (compared to the factory steel's 230 in²), the aluminum CVT transmission pan doesn't just match; it vastly surpasses steel's heat dissipation abilities. This enhanced heat dissipation means over 400% more heat is transferred away from the transmission fluid, reducing the risk of overheating and contributing to a more stable transmission temperature during operation.

    2. Increased Strength Without Added Bulk


      The design of the aluminum CVT transmission pan incorporates .3” thick walls, complemented by an additional .25” thickness for the fins. This robust construction not only adds strength but also eliminates the need for a transmission skid plate, which can trap heat and hamper effective cooling. By opting for a 6061 aluminum pan, you're choosing a solution that provides superior protection and strength without compromising on heat management.
      Subaru CVT Transmission Pan Billet Aluminum

      3. Enhanced Fluid Capacity

         The new 6061 aluminum CVT pan offers more than just improved thermal properties; it's also designed to hold significantly more fluid than its factory steel counterpart. Being over double the thickness of the factory pan, it effectively doubles the fluid capacity in comparison to the factory steel pan. This increase in fluid volume plays a crucial role in extending the lifespan of your transmission oil, as larger volumes of fluid are better at absorbing and dissipating heat, thereby reducing wear and tear on the transmission components over time.

        Subaru CVT Transmission Pan Billet Aluminum

        4. Overall Transmission Health and Longevity

          All these features combined - superior heat dissipation, increased strength, and enhanced fluid capacity - contribute directly to the overall health and longevity of your CVT transmission. By maintaining cooler operating temperatures, reducing potential physical damage, and ensuring optimal fluid conditions, a 6061 aluminum CVT transmission pan aids to extend the life of your transmission system, making it a wise investment for anyone looking to enhance their vehicle's performance and durability.
          Subaru CVT Transmission Pan Billet Aluminum

          In conclusion, upgrading to a 6061 aluminum CVT transmission pan is not just an upgrade; it's a transformative step towards ensuring your vehicle operates at its best, providing peace of mind with enhanced performance, protection, and longevity.


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