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Lift Your Prius!?

Lift Your Prius!?

Gabriel Burton |

4 Reasons Why Installing A Toyota Prius Lift Kit Is A Good Idea

Are you looking to raise your Prius driving experience—literally? At ADF, we often receive questions about lift kits for an expansive range of makes and models, including Priuses. 

Although we don't manufacture lift kits for the Toyota Prius ourselves, we are pleased to endorse a company that not only specializes in them but also upholds the same high standards of quality that we do. Our priority is to ensure you receive the best parts for your vehicle modifications, guiding you to our trusted partners who share our commitment to excellence. One of these partners is Prius Offroad.

Prius Offroad offers easy-to-install lift kits that optimize your vehicle's performance, aesthetic, and functionality without compromising on reliability, comfort, or safety. While it might seem daunting, with the right tools and guidance, you can give your Prius the lift it deserves.

Benefits Of Modifying A Prius With A Lift Kit

Offroad Capability

Lifting your Prius with a high-quality lift kit can significantly increase its ground clearance, allowing for smoother navigation over rough or uneven terrains without the worry of scraping the vehicle's underside on offroad situations. Things like rocks and puddles can be easily handled.

Safer City Driving

More ground clearance also has its advantages during pavement driving as well. Obstacles like speed bumps and curbs are less likely to cause damage to your Prius when it has been lifted. So things like front bumpers and side cladding will be much safer when they sit higher off the ground.

Ability To Install Larger Tires

Additionally, the installation of larger tires made possible by the lift kit improves traction, reduces road noise, and gives the Prius a more aggressive and appealing look. Larger tires with more sidewall also means more durability and room for airing down on challenging terrain.

Better Gas Mileage

Surprisingly, alongside the joy of increased clearance, many have reported an unexpected benefit: improved fuel economy. Whether you chose a standalone lift, lifts combined with HD rear springs, or even the addition of a skid plate, each configuration has demonstrated fuel efficiency gains. These gains range from 0.5 to 3 mpg and are attributable to various factors.

Lifts alone seem to aid in maintaining momentum over obstacles due to increased clearance, thereby conserving energy. Then lifts that incorporate HD rear springs slightly alter the vehicle's rear height. This appears to improve aerodynamics, further enhancing efficiency. Finally, adding skid plates also aids in better fuel economy by reducing undercarriage turbulence. This means smoother airflow and improved mileage. 

What Lift Kit Size Is Best?

The guys over at Prius Offroad shared that one of their most frequently asked questions is which lift kit offers the most practical benefits. Though the answer can differ based on vehicle model and tire selection, a 1.5-inch lift is almost always the ideal choice. A 1.5 inch lift kit provides a balance between reliability and economic efficiency without causing excessive wear or compromising your vehicle's safety. 

For those looking to improve their Prius' offroad capabilities and appearance, visit the Prius Offroad website for a wide selection of off road accessories and lift kits. Many of our own customers who also own a Toyota Prius have had great experiences using their products.

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