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Q: Why lift with spacers instead of springs?

A: Spacers maintain the factory ride with the factory springs. Springs typically change the ride by increasing the spring rating and the height of the spring. This pulls the piston in the strut further to the top of its stroke but gaining you lift. So when coming upon a section in the road where you need that down travel you are already there with the stiffer lifting spring (not having the travel you need) Stiffer and taller springs typically will break the bank also. For the cost of a spring you gain about an inch, same cost if not less you gain a full 2" and maintain your factory ride quality!



Q: How much can you lift without CV problems?

A: 2" (25mm) is rule of thumb, but for a more hardcore set up 2.5" can also be done and has been done on many of my vehicles! NOW there is an exception of the newer 09+ or Multi link Subaurs, 2" is as much as i would like to see them lifted int he front without a sub-frame spacer. Reason being is not so much the CV joints but rather the from A arm bushing. These wear out even under normal driving, increasing the height will cause them to wear faster than normal. We recommend replacing them with factory OEM rubber bushings. This will allow for a better motion than poly bushings.



Q: How much lift can I get without the multi-link spacers? How about the trailing arm spacers? What is the difference between the two?

A: With a multi link suspension, 1-3/8" is our recommendation for much as we would like to see without starting to lower the rear with multi link spacers. This however will very depending on tire size. You can still run 2" without a multi link spacer but don't plan on running anything larger than stock tire size on it. A Mutli link is much like a trailing arm spacer as they accomplish the same thing. Re centering the rear tires in the wheel well. The main difference between the 2 though is that with a trailing arm spacer it just spaces the trailing arm. On the newer Multi link vehicles the suspension geometry doesn't allow for this. Instead to re center the rear tires the rear sub-frame/Multi link is lowers to accommodate for this rear tire centering.



Q: Why do some people get higher lift on the rear? What is the purpose of the saggy bum spacers?

A: Lifting the rear more accommodated for sagging or expected sagging from loading the vehicle with camping/gear which will make the rear sit a little lower. Saggy bum spacer and also rear sag additions either are to assist your current problem or can be built into your kit to accommodate for the lower rear. Would also call it a 'leveling kit'



Q: Does the lift affect the handling? Does body roll increase?

A: With anything less than 2" i would say no. And even higher to some point it doesn't affect it as much as people/companies claim. My 4.5" lifted FXT is a good example of this, no sway bars in the front and i can still keep up with the wife in her stock fxt cornering and everything. I'm to the point where I'm tired of hearing people say that word lol.



Q: Why do some companies use longer hardware while others use the stock hardware for the same size lift?

A: Longer hardware in some cases can be dangerous. Its like a tall building, the taller the building is the more lateral forces are going to be put on it. Subaru designed the capture nuts in the body to meet a desired torque spec. Increasing the length of the hardware used and adding a simple spacer in there requires a higher torque spec than factory to keep the new spacer seated properly and from the hardware coming loose..



Q: I know most kits go on top of the strut, so clearance between the tire and spring perch doesn't change. Do you offer any kits that will allow more clearance from the spring perch, which would allow even larger tires?

A: I do! For a larger tire clearance with minimal offset to clear them! 2.5" lower lift brackets which space it at the bottom section of the hub and gain you a 5" larger tire clearance!



Q: Simplified* Can i run spacer on top of coil overs to gain a little height.

A: YES! We have had many people do this to gain a little so they are not rubbing on the ground! Will vary what we can build for you as some coils have camber adjustments on top of the struts. So an open top spacer has seemed to be the best!



Q: How difficult is it to install strut-top spacers, and will I need any special tools?

A: For a 1" spacer install about 4-5 hours and no major tools needed. 2" is about the same and no major tools required. Tools needed, 10mm 12mm 14mm 17mm 19mm 22mm sockets and end wrenches help too. Pliers and screw driver. Any of my kits can be installed in a drive way or a garage easily. MECHANICAL XP will cause the install time to vary though.



Q: How to go higher than 2" on a SH SJ Forester?

A: In order to maintain good cv life and a reliably A arm bushing angle in the front the subframe must be lowered, engine, transmission, differential. Doing this requires, steering shaft extension, Radiator hoses, small lines that are stretched to far, pitch stopper extended, and possibly shift linkage if its a manual.



Q: How do i know if im sagging?

A: We recommend measuring from the center of the wheel, from the ground to the top of the fender. Compare front and rear and that will tell you the difference to compensate for with the lift.



Q: Will the lift affect the levelness of my ride?

A: No, if you lift with even spacers say 1" front and 1" rear it will set as such. Gained 1" front and 1" rear.



Q: Why add more height spacer to the rear?

A: Adding more spacer to the rear will help with sagging or if you plan to load up with gear. Helps compensate for load, only if needed.



Q: How do it lift my, 90-08 Impreza or 90-99 Legacey?


A: 98-08 forester (or outback) struts and springs. They are a direct swap over (depending on chassi), you gain 1.5-2" of lift, more travel as the stroke is longer in the forester, better ride due to a higher spring rating than the impreza and a higher tire clearance due to the higher spring perch. Only other thing we recommend is 2" trailing arm spacers.



Q: Why do you not build anything larger than 1.5" for the new global plat form?

A: We only offer 1.5" and smaller on the newer models due to the cv joint and control arm bushings. This helps prolong the life of the vehicle while maintaining better geometry. 


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