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2000-2004 Subaru Outback 4" Lift Kit

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4” Subaru Lift kit. Maximize clearance and off road capability on your 2000-2004 Subaru Outback. This kit consists of a 4” strut spacer and full Subframe spacers kit correct for CV joints angles. Better CV joint Geometry will increase life span. Spacer Kit  includes spacers for Engine Crossmember, Transmission, Carrier bearing, Differential hanger and rear Differential. Install time 10-12 hours min. 

*LEAD TIME:NO LEAD TIME. DONT ASK. These kits are built in batches.


For extreme strength and reliability, we Laser cut and form 1/4" Steel with added gussets. All holes are Laser cut for accurate fitment.

Factory Alignment

To maintain good cv joint angles when exceeding 2.5" of lift subframe spacers will be needed to keep the cv joints within their limitations. Goal is to keep cv joints within 2-2.5" over factory angle. To maintain factory alignment specifications Camber and improved Caster offsets are built into the steel spacers. - We recommend that you get an alignment after your install, as there may still be a human error factor when installing the camber bolts.   

Trailing Arm Spacers

Trailing arm spacers are included in this kit. 

Rear height additions

We also offer a few different heights of Rear spacers to compensate for added load in the vehicle or level vehicles out, if they currently aren’t sitting level.  Added height is built in one solid spacer, no stacking of different spacers. Adding 3/8” compensates for mild loads. If you are hauling excessive loads we would recommend standard height king springs.   

Powder Coating

These sets do not come powder coated. Raw steel will require  painting or coating..


All Metric Grade 10.9 Zinc Hardware is included in the kits!

  • Steering shaft extension included in the kit
  • Longer pitch mount induced in the kit


Steering shaft must be drilled and installed with the new spacer. Shift linkage modification required for manual transmission, not included. Air box may need modification. Other requirements may be necessary for proper function that are not listed. 


These kits are designed for Original Equipment Manufacture fitment. We cannot guarantee fitment on non OEM parts; strut mounts, struts, exhaust etc.  Recommend contacting us for fitment verification. Please note that a majority of our kits are build to order. Lead times for this kit are not posted as they take longer than all of our other kits. It can be 6 or MORE weeks to manufacture these. Refrain from asking for updates so we can focus on building kits.